Mike Archer K728

Mike Archer K728

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New 2011 Turfdog

Turdog has redeveloped its boards for 2011 into one board line the freestyle. Don’t be put off by the name its for both freestyle and freemove land sailing.

Managing director Mike archer

‘After extensive testing and developments we found that new wheel positions and caster angle for advanced freestyle moves also benefited freeride users technique. With this in mind we slimed down the range to one board, making the board available for more multiple levels of riders.’

The 2011 have been improved in several areas form customer feedback and the help of UK and PWA windsurfers such as Adam Sims, Steve Jarvis and many more.

· Wheel hubs have been strengthened

· Front forks have had several stainless steel components added, to improve corrosion resistance for longer life. In addition connection components have been strengthened.

· The boards have been re-shaped at the rear to provide better carve of the board in freestyle and freeride manoeuvres.

· New 2011 graphics (see pics).

For more information please email: sales@turfdog.co.uk

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